Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ideas with Asparagus, Part I

Last Saturday morning: After trying out a yoga class with my friend Olivia (which was, by the way, the best yoga experience I've ever had!), we stopped by the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. It was so difficult for me to limit my spending to what I could carry back to the car in my two hands! 

My favorite find, though, was:
the freshest asparagus I'd ever seen!!
(excuse the unartistic picture; I was too excited when I bought it and forgot to take a nice picture!)

Once we got back to my apartment, however, we realized that neither of us had cooked asparagus before. Whoops. We were over-enthusiastic at the market! Olivia mentioned that they would taste great grilled but I don't have a grill in my apartment. Instead, I decided to sauté it.

And it turned out delicious! It was so simple - after rinsing and chopping the stalks in half, I just heated up olive oil on my nonstick pan, and sautéed them up with some lemon juice, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I really enjoyed this dish because the subtle seasonings allowed the asparagus flavor to shine! These stalks were so fresh; they had just been picked earlier that morning. This was most definitely the most tender yet crispy asparagus I've ever had...I attribute it to the quality of the vegetable and the care that the farmer put into growing it.

We ate the asparagus with along with a side of quinoa/chickpea/cilantro/cumin/carrot/celery mixture (basically whatever I had in stock) with some perfectly ripe and juicy green tomatoes that I also picked up at the Farmer's Market.

the meal

happy; it was a good morning :)

 sooo fresh and delicious!!

note: We bought 3 bundles (only 1 was pictured in the top picture) so I had some leftover! 
Next post: what I did with the next batch.


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  2. did your friend by any chance live in rieber vista?