Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kick Your Food Up A Notch!

Catchy title? Or lame? :) 

Regardless, check out the new issue of Total Wellness Magazine: Kick Your Food Up a Notch!
I'm a contributing writer for this publication that comes out twice a quarter here at UCLA. We're a division of the Student Government, which allows us to distribute print versions to students for free! Here is a link to the online version that everyone can have access to. 

I wrote two articles in this issue:

 The first is about Stair Climbing in Los Angeles--it first addresses some of the benefits of stair climbing as exercise, then lists some cool places stair-filled workouts and hikes around the city. I actually want to try a few of them out! Writing about this topic was really educational for me; although I always get tired and sore if I have to climb a bunch of stairs, I never went out of my way to use them for the purpose of exercise. I definitely want to incorporate them more into workouts!
a quick screenshot; click on the magazine link to read an electronic version!

 My second article is about different types of whole grains--Amaranth, Kamut, Teff, etc. I tried to focus on lesser-known types of grains, so hopefully people will find this one educational as well! I talk about the origins of each type of grain, popular uses, and specific nutritional benefits. Check it out!! :)

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